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"In some cases, joint venture financing may be the only way to get the project funded."

CFI has access to many sources and providers of joint venture financing. This type of real estate funding is a means of structuring a mortgage and private, accredited equity. This use of other peoples money (OPM) and their balance sheet can help the Client utilize leverage, minimize their cash input, help get their immediate project funded, and free up their cash reserves for other projects as well.

This is achieved by creating a team between the Client with the project together with a Lender/Investor with the added financial capacity. Our sources have the expertise and relationships necessary to secure equity for real estate projects that make sense, whether it involves a single transaction or an entire portfolio. Typically, the range of funding can be from $1M to $500M and larger.

A Client may come to us directly or through our national network of commercial mortgage brokers for a variety of personal reasons. It is typically to obtain needed private equity, additional balance sheet capacity/liquidity, or a combination of both. Other reasons may be that the Client may no longer be comfortable with their existing financial relationships, past sources of capital, or they may want to improve the terms of any existing funding, or they may have outgrown the actual capacity of their current sources of capital.

Joint Venture Financing - A Specific Project

Joint venture financing is similar to a partnership in that it must be created by agreement between the parties to share in the losses and profits of the venture. It is unlike a partnership in that the venture is for one specific project only, rather than for an ongoing business relationship.

Joint Venture Financing - A Unique Relationship

For our purposes, the joint venture concerns commercial real estate and the lender-borrower relationship. Even though our clients may not start out looking for partners, they may recognize the value of sharing equity over "straight" debt financing. As a result, through joint venture financing, our Clients can reduce the amount of their personal capital at risk but still focus on the goal to get their project funded. In some cases, joint venture financing may be the only way to get the project funded.

Joint Venture Financing - A Specific Solution

Joint Venture Financing can be a complicated method to structure and it is not appropriate for all projects. We can look at a Clients' specific situation to see if a joint venture is a viable means of finance. When it does make sense, we will advise our Clients appropriately, and help match the right Lender/Investor to the project.

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IMPORTANT: If you are serious about securing funding, please email us a 1 to 5 page Executive Overview or feel free to call us first.

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